Your business will succeed when you use a simple Business One Page Plan to track your KPIs

When it comes to measuring the success of your business it pays to keep it simple…

When measuring the success of your business it pays to measure what matters most…

What matters most is what matters to your customers… Your Key Performance Indicators will then become your Key Predictive Indicators

Follow in the footsteps of Continental Airlines who turned the airline from a failing one into a flying success by measuring just 3 KPIs…

BUT these were 3 KPIs that mattered to their customers and even more importantly mattered the most…

When you work on a handful of KPIs that matter to your customers and keep the recording of the results simple, you too can like Continental Airlines dramatically improve your business results.

Research done by software company Exact shows that businesses with a business plan are more successful than businesses without one.

A plan gives you a purpose and acts like a rudder, but it must be simple, it must be one page and it must be used by the whole business.

Its no good writing a business plan if it then sits in your desk drawer…

So why a one page business plan?

· Its deliberately short, which means it can be easily shared with the whole team

· You can only have a handful of customer-facing KPIs

· It’s simple as it must all fit on the one page

· One page means you are really focused on a few things rather than not really focused on many

· The team will be more committed to its success, meaning you are all taking action to improve the results of your business

Used correctly, a one page business plan with a small number of customer focused KPIs you refer to frequently, will allow you to predict and shape the future success of your business.

Read more HERE on how to many KPIs work for you and the success a one page plan can bring.

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