Why Continental Airlines use of simple KPIs can transform the success of your business…

As a business owner I am sure you measure and understand the value to your business of KPIs


Do you measure what you have always measured rather than measuring what matters most, based on the performance of your business?

In 1994 Continental Airlines was failing miserably and had filed for bankruptcy twice.

Then Gordon Bethune took over…

Bethune applied logic, simplicity and common sense to the business…

Bethune simply got every employee focused on three Key Predictive Indicators -KPIs.

· Left lost luggage

· Fewer complaints

· More on-time arrival

These are three KPIs that matter to Continental airlines’ customers

Profits soared because they focused on the KPIs that made a difference to their customers

The airline delivered a remarkable comeback. Continental became one of the most profitable airlines in the sky in the late 1990s.

What’s your equivalent to Bethune’s three customer-focused KPIs?

Have you thought about what would happen to the profits of your business if you started to measure the numbers that matter most to your customers? https://www.bvisionaccountants.co.uk/bitesize-why-risk-the-health-of-your-business/

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