Do you really want your business critical tasks to happen without a checklist?

To begin with using a checklist may feel alien to you but even if you think you know which tasks are to be completed on a daily basis only the use of a checklist can guarantee that 1 or more of them is not missed.

Checklists are even used by the cleverest of people. A renowned surgeon was asked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help save lives in operating theatres all over the world. After looking at a variety of alternatives the simple ‘Surgery safety checklist’ became a WHO directive.

Every week this checklist was used in surgical theatres and prevented missed steps that could have caused disaster, in one operation the ‘Pre Op’ checklist actually saved someone’s life.

You would think that very clever people like Surgeons would not need a checklist, but they do, we all do.

Checklists work, they work when you take them seriously, follow them religiously and make use of them for your business critical tasks an essential and habitual part of your working life.

To read more about the importance of checklists and how they prevent mistakes and drive up standards click here.

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