What makes your customers stay with you?

How come some businesses spend time, money and resources on marketing ‘sizzle’ and get great return on investment (ROI), and other businesses get little or no ROI, from their marketing?

Marketing ‘sizzle’ (logo change, corporate colour change, website change, and more) can all be for nothing if your core offer fails to appeal to your customers.

Make your core offer stronger and you will increase the success of all your marketing sizzle too…

In this latest edition of Business Bitesize you will learn:

· how to improve your business’s core offer

· how Persil created a core offer that led them to global sales of over $3billion

· what is the one question you must ask your current clients before you spend another pound on marketing sizzle

· which four simple steps a London interior designer followed to improve her core offer and double her income

Go here for ‘Sausage not Sizzle’ 

STOP focusing only on the marketing sizzle of promoting what you do for customers.

START seeking a stronger, more relevant and distinctive core offer for your products and services.

To live up to your marketing sizzle make your product or service both relevant to your customers AND different to your competitors

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