What can a TV series teach you about boosting your bottom line?

Are you using email marketing in your business? Does email marketing work for you?

If email marketing isn’t working for your business it’s probably because your emails aren’t working and not because email marketing doesn’t work!

Email marketing works best when it’s done as a series

If you love a film, you are already wanting to see the sequel, if you love a TV series like Games of Thrones or Sherlock you are already looking forward to the next episode or wondering when the next series starts…

How is this relevant to email marketing?

A series, a set of related things or events keep you interested in that subject.

And a series works both for your favourite television programme and for email marketing.

In fact, email marketing is at its most successful when done as a relevant and specific series.

Individual marketing emails simply do not work as well.

Remember that email marketing is about more than just sending as many emails as you can.

When you start to see your email marketing as a series of connected messages you can focus on building a targeted and relevant series of communications.

Statistics from Experian prove that great email marketers get £34 back for every £1 they invest in email marketing…

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