Warning of 2 new HM Revenue & Customs telephone scams

What to look out for

Scam 1. You receive a recorded message from HM Revenue & Customs saying “This is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. We have been trying to reach you to let you know that we are filing a law suit against you.” You are then asked to phone 850 8563 and press ‘1’ to speak to the officer dealing with the case. DO NOT REPLY TO THE MESSAGE – their intention is to extract money from you.

Scam 2. Accountants are receiving phone calls from a caller alleging to be HM Revenue & Customs money laundering investigators. They then contact you claiming to be from the bank saying HM Revenue & Customs want 3 years’ bank statements. So you then contact your accountant who confirms that HM Revenue & Customs have contacted them and so unwittingly gives credibility to the request for bank statements. You are then deceived into giving them online access to your bank account to access the statements.

How to be safe
If you cannot verify the identity of the person calling, never disclose your personal details.

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