Time to stop losing sleep over near misses (or worse) in your business…

Your business will avoid mistakes and see results improve when you habitually use checklists on your business critical tasks.

Lead from the front. Regularly use checklists yourself and be seen doing it by your team, demonstrate the success that you have achieved by using a checklist.

If you set the example, then your team will be encouraged by your results and will follow.

You will then be well on the way to making checklists a valuable and essential part of running your business.

Here are 4 helping hands to get you started with the power of checklists:

1) Choose the business critical task that needs a checklist.

2) Build a checklist for your chosen business critical task. Remember keep it simple, if this is the first time your team has used a checklist you don’t want to overwhelm them with complexity.

3) Test and adjust your checklist accordingly with your people as you begin the project. This is a natural and evolving path, plans change and issues occur. Remember as long as you have a checklist in place and you are clear on your end game then things can change along the way.

4) Make disciplined use of your checklist a habit. Once this task has been completed your people will be able to see the results and simplicity a checklist brings. Make sure they are then part of your working environment. Make them habitual.

Click here to read the intrinsic value a well-managed checklist will bring to your business.

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