Use the skills of ‘deep practice’ in your business to build a faster, better brain…

Deep Practice works, ignore it and your business will not move forward. Embrace it and not only will you grow your business, but you will grow your people and change the way they work forever.

This is too good to be ignored…so don’t…here’s the science…

Use deep practice in your business to improve personal, team and business performance.

When you use deep practice, you insulate your brain circuits.

Insulation means speed and precision; every time you perform an action or skill you wrap your brain circuits in an extra layer of myelin insulation.

Myelin builds a better, faster brain and for you a better, faster business and team.

The insulation will only occur when you are applying deep practice to work at the very limit of your capabilities, then repeating it and honing your skills.

For example, the golfer simply hitting a bucket of balls onto a green is not deep practice, however when the golfer is hitting an eight-iron 300 times with a goal of leaving the ball within 10 feet of the pin 80% of the time and repeating this for hours and days on end – this is deep practice.

Deep practice leads to myelin wrapped brain circuits and guarantees improvement.

Apply deep practice to your business today. Click HERE to make the ball hitting the pin the norm.

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