Reduce the risk to your business by making your website work seamlessly with your marketing…

Your website – if you are serious about growing your business with the right marketing, your website will be where you have invested most of your marketing money.

This is your ‘shop window’, where you advertise your business, who you are, what you are about and what you do.

This is also where all your high value content is…

So, is your email marketing sending people to your website?

Do you know who visits your website?

Do you capture the contact information of all the people who visit your website on a list?

What do you do with the contact information your website visitors have given to you?

Are you actively working on growing this list?

Are you actively working to increase the volume of relevant traffic that visits your website?

Your website and email marketing should be connected at the hip. Are yours?

Ryan Diess (author and marketing entrepreneur) has with his team invested millions in marketing tests, generating visitors to their websites and sent over a billion emails.

Diess believes that to truly make your email marketing series work you must make your business website work better.


Lead Magnets

To read more on what a lead magnet is and how to make it work for your business click HERE

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