Make the right pricing choice and give your buyers a sense of control

We all like choice, too much choice can be mind boggling and overwhelming but we also don’t want to be offered just one choice. We like to feel in control, like we have made the decision and had the tools to make the right decision, this gives us a sense of power and ownership of the final decision that we have reached and invariably means that we are happy and satisfied with the outcome.

This is especially important when you are buying and even more important when you are selling.

No-one likes to hear the phrase ‘you can have any colour you want, as long as its black’ This is called ‘Hobsons choice’, we resist ‘Hobsons Choice’ as it is very much ‘take it or leave it’ and it removes our sense of control.

Knowing this, why would you want to offer a buyer just one price. Providing your buyers with a carefully structured, measured and testing pricing plan will give them more control and you a competitive advantage.

Read here to learn about Thomas Hobson and why giving your buyers pricing options will radically improve your businesses profits.

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