Make PRODUCTIVE TIME to focus on achieving your business’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Running a business is hard, you have days when you have no time to yourself and if you do find some time, you are fatigued by the sheer effort of running your business…

But… if you want to achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and start a domino run to success then both the time and fatigue issues must be addressed.

Getting your daily work done is necessary and it cannot be ignored, but now that you have your BHAG, one that you feel passionate about, you should not ignore the work that must be done to achieve this.

So how do you make a start?

Here are 4 simple questions to ask yourself so that you can start knocking dominos over…

1) Have I committed daily or weekly diary time to knocking over dominos that take me towards my BHAG?

And how much time (30 minutes or 60 minutes of consistently planned time)

2) What time of day am I most productive?

Brain fatigue is the enemy of productivity – so make sure you choose a time of day when you are most focussed – for most people this is first thing in the morning

3) Where shall I have this planned time to work on my BHAG?

Distraction is the other enemy of productivity – so this needs to be somewhere you cannot be disturbed – maybe you work at home for the first hour or in a coffee shop?

4) What reminder or prompt do I have in place to make me aware of this time in my diary?

This should be a trigger that cannot be ignored or forgotten. It’s no use getting to work only to discover that you should have gone to a café or stayed at home.

Why not allow yourself 30 minutes of consistent distraction-free time, every morning or an hour per week to start knocking over dominos towards your BHAG. Click here to learn more.

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