How to write engaging content for your marketing

Content marketing is a key weapon in your company’s sales and digital marketing armoury.

To promote and profile your business in the digital age, you’ll need to create web content, blog posts, social media posts and email campaigns – and this requires having the resources to produce high-quality, engaging content on a frequent and regular basis.

But how do you write interesting content that will engage with your target audience?

Get proactive with your content creation

If you’ve never written business content before, the thought of diving headfirst into content creation can seem daunting. But by getting the foundations of your content marketing in place from the start, you’ll find it can be an effective marketing tool and a rewarding experience.

To craft the best content:

  • Know your audience – before you write anything, it’s vitally important to know WHO you’re writing for. This means knowing the demographics of your key customers and understanding their needs, so you can tailor content to meet these requirements. The more tailored and targeted you can make your content, the greater the return will be.
  • Write with real passion – there are a million blogs and business articles out there in the world already – so you need your content to stand out. To achieve this, choose themes and topics that you have a genuine passion and interest for. If you can convey your deep belief in the subject matter, people will engage with your posts in a more human way.
  • Keep it simple – the temptation when creating your first content is to try and sound ‘impressive and knowledgeable’. But, in fact, what most people value is a simple explanation that helps them understand your perspective. Keep your content concise, jargon-free and to the point, so readers understand your message quickly, empathise with your topic and understand your main marketing call-to-action.
  • Post regular, engaging content – to attract and retain an audience, you absolutely MUST post regular content. The frequency will vary depending on your available time, resources and sector, but posting weekly or monthly blogs, and daily social media posts, helps to build up a following and increase your customer base and prospects list.

Start your content marketing journey

If you want to kickstart your content marketing journey, they key thing is to start writing. You’ll get better with each blog, news update or LinkedIn post that you create – and before long, you’ll have a regular content process in place to help raise your brand profile.

Find out more about creating killer content in this CommsBreakdown.

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