How can your business learn from pensioners who had recent knee and hip replacements

Just as goals have an effect on motivation, motivation has an important effect on goal achievement.

The key is to prove the power of goals.

This is easy to an elite athlete, train and practice hard and you could be a World or Olympic medallist.

It’s also easy to explain to a motivated business leader, achieve the goals set out before you, your business grows and you make more money.

These goals are real, they are achievable, these people are ready for the challenge given the positions they are already in…

But what about trying to explain the success of goal setting to a group of Scots with an average age of 68, who have just experienced the agony of knee or hip replacement…

Are they ready for the challenge of goal setting?

Would you be in their situation?

Hip and Knee replacement is painful, bones are broken, joint muscles are severed, recovery is time consuming and very painful.

Even the smallest of movements can be agony.

However, to recover well it is essential that the patients become mobile on the replaced joint as soon as possible… if they don’t, then the joint, muscles and healing tissue will not repair properly.

Setting goals is the best way to achieve a successful rehabilitation, however as the agony of the rehab is extreme it is not unusual for some people to skip some sessions.

Click here to read how a study conducted in 1992, done inside two of Scotland’s busiest orthopaedic hospitals provided stark evidence that goal setting works!

And learn how the same goal setting system can be applied to your business and your business can learn to walk and run just as these patients did.

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