Goal Setting – the clearest way to measure the success of your company…

Most business owners when they go into business have one goal, to make enough money to survive the first month!

Its frustrating when your business achieves less than it should, but are you doing enough to help yourself?

For your business to be really successful and to grow you need to do some forward planning.

As a business owner you should not fear setting goals, it is important to remember that goal setting doesn’t have to be only about making money.

Setting goals could be about:

  • new business ideas
  • employee retention
  • improving your service

or in fact, anything that is important to enhancing your business.

Are you doing enough to help your business?

Do you have goals in place for you and your team?

Do you have goals in place that guarantee the future growth and success of your business?

In football or hockey, a goal is a fundamental part of the game, it is the difference between winning and losing, success or failure, in business a goal is not as obvious and yet…

…a summary of more than 1000 studies into business goals suggests:

“There is strong evidence that the increases in job performance produced by goal-setting have important economic and practical value”

So even if you fear setting goals the fact is, if you ignore them you and your business will achieve less than it could.

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