Get Paid Quicker and Spend Even Less Time Doing It

A good credit control system is essential for most businesses but it is now possible to get paid on time, every time allowing you to focus on what you know best, running your business and not chasing payments.

Using Xero Cloud Bookkeeping software and its free add on Satago, it’s now possible to automate the following:-

  • Send an invoice using the email facility in Xero Cloud Bookkeeping System
  • Send a pre due date reminder using a set template designed by you
  • Take direct payment from credit card, PayPal or third party add ons
  • If payment hasn’t been made by due date then an automatic invoice chaser is sent at 7 days overdue
  • If the invoice remains outstanding an automated 2nd reminder is issued
  • At 21 days a final reminder is issued with a statement stating that late fees will be charged automatically
  • If you wish Satago can pay 85% of your invoice immediately with a small fee for every 30 days the invoice is outstanding.

The above system can be set up free; the only charge Satago makes is for paying you the invoice early and providing detailed credit reports.

Included in the free Satago software is the following:-

  • Reports showing credit scores for each of your customers
  • A report showing your receivables in order of customers credit score (going from poor to good)
  • A report showing receivables going from oldest to newest
  • The ability to set templates in your own wording chasing at regular intervals that can also be set to your own choices
  • Automated messages will then be sent to all your customers without you having to lift a finger although Satago will send you a list those emails that will be going out the following day just to give you a last minute chance to check any that shouldn’t go.

If you aren’t using both Xero Cloud Accounting software and Satago Credit Control then contact us for a FREE feasibility report.  Call 01752 752210 or email 

If you don’t have money outstanding from customers (because may be you are retail or internet based) then we would still recommend that Xero Bookkeeping Systems is ideal for small businesses and can complete a feasibility study for Xero on its own.

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