Free webinar ‘Why your marketing isn’t achieving it’s full potential’ – Business Health Workshop #11

Whether it’s generating more leads, or selling more to your existing customers, we want to help you achieve marketing success.

For most businesses, the marketing doesn’t achieve anywhere near it’s maximum potential.

At our free webinar, we aim to show you why this happens and how to easily solve the issue.

Join us to learn how to make the necessary improvements to get a huge increase in sales.

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Below is a small selection of comments from business owners like you who have attended our seminars:

“I just wanted to compliment the company on the webinar. I found it very informational and couldn’t take down notes fast enough! I’m already looking forward to the next one” Eleni Kiomourtzi – EagleYellow Ltd

“The only accountant – delivered business accounts course I have attended where the speaker didn’t lose me in accountant’s lingo” Johnathan Madge – The Family Law Co

“When invited along to this event, I must admit to being a little sceptical! However, I was not disappointed, it was very interesting, informative and I came away with fresh ideas. Please make sure I am included next time, I’m eager for more” Martin Luck – Imagine Office Supplies

Join us on Thursday 23 June at 13:30 for our complimentary webinar.

We’re sure you’ll find this webinar beneficial, so get in quick and secure your spot.

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