Complimentary Webinar – Get Back To Business – Thursday 22 April at 1:30 PM

The only certainty for businesses right now is that there will be ongoing disruption. Focus your energy on the things you can control and the opportunities that exist.

Our Get Back to Business webinar will help you get the best return on your efforts and use change to help you work through these uncertain times. You’ll also get a complimentary Back to Business Action List to help you plan and execute with confidence and focus.

Join us on Thursday 22 April at 1:30 PM  for this complimentary webinar, where you’ll:

  • Clarify the challenges you need to overcome
  • Understand how to embrace change and focus on what you can control
  • Define your product/service mix, marketing plan and HR needs
  • Determine key finance, budget and pricing requirements
  • Define the planning you should undertake to get back to business

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