Fines of up to £22 million pound predicted as a result of business’s lack of understanding about the new Auto Enrolment rules

A recent report from Pay Circle suggests that Britain’s smallest businesses could face fines of up to £22 million in total due to a lack of understanding of the new Auto Enrolment rules.

The Governments Pensions Regulator also reveals that more than 1 in 5 small businesses still have a ‘limited understanding’ of the Auto Enrolment rules even up to the weeks before their staging date.

In the current climate of increased bureaucracy for small businesses where they’re having to self assess their own corporation tax returns, complete self assessment returns, VAT returns and RTI payroll returns, there is no doubt that Auto Enrolment is another degree of extra work being added to the small business workload. And it’s probably for this reason that small businesses are not spending enough time checking out the options and the rules.

With many small businesses having their staging date occurring very soon, or at the latest in 2017, action needs to be taken NOW.

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