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mistakesbook[1]Now you can recession-proof your business with this special report titled “27 Common Financial & Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them”. The report is designed to help small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses survive and flourish in today’s harsh economic and competitive climate. For a short time you can get the book for FREE by visiting http://www.27mirpt.co.uk/

“Most businesses need to improve their marketing and financial performance and make every penny count in today’s tough economic climate. The report reveals for the first time how to transform any business into a winner,” says Marc Lawson from local accountancy firm businessVision. “Unfortunately, business owners make common but very damaging financial, accounting and marketing mistakes and they can cost even a small business at least £3,000 – £5,000 a week.”

The report has been written to help almost any owner-managed business to increase their profitability, improve their sales, get more customers, and maximise sales and profits from existing customers and includes 27 common financial and marketing mistakes that are costing small and medium-sized businesses tens of thousands of pounds each and every year.

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