businessVision Achieve Highest UK Accountancy Standard

businessVision has just achieved 6 star accreditation in AVNExcellence, a set of standards for accountants that show they can provide exceptional support to their clients. 6 star is the highest level possible and only a handful of firms in the UK have succeeded in gaining it.

To get this coveted accreditation, the firm went through a rigorous assessment process which examines every aspect of how the firm operates, everything from customer service and measurement systems to goal setting and acting proactively for clients.

Marc said:
“The process of obtaining 6 star accreditation has been rigorous and very hard work but we are delighted with the achievement and feel even more confident in serving our clients spectacularly well in the future”.

Shane Lukas, AVN managing director and co-creator of AVNExcellence, said:
“The AVNExcellence standards are designed to be tough. After all, business owners who want help to grow their business need to know that their accountant is really on the ball.

Even at 4 star level the accountancy firm has to prove that they are giving a really valuable service to their clients, not just giving them a set of accounts.

The 6 star accreditation shows that businessVision is genuinely proactive on behalf of their clients and is committed to creating successful businesses in the South West region. It’s great news for the local economy to have such a brilliant accountancy firm here!”

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