Businesses must take appraisals more seriously…

How committed to your appraisals (performance reviews) are you and your business?

Have you ever cancelled or postponed an appraisal with one of your team?

And yet…

The energy and motivation for the work people do increases when performance reviews are taken seriously and run well.

In this latest edition of Business Bitesize you will learn:

  • simple is best. How using a simple one-page appraisal form can drive out scepticism and foot dragging cynicism about performance reviews
  • your commitment to appraisals, as a leader and a manager, determines your team’s drive and motivation
  • how taking appraisals/performance reviews seriously can help your team improve their skills, knowledge and capabilities – so help you build a more successful business

STOP looking at the performance review as time in the diary that could be better spent doing something else.

START by understanding how truly valuable the performance review is, not only to you and your employee but to the business as a whole.

Click HERE if you are you ready to treat appraisals as a key driver of business success and help your people prosper too?

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