Business Breakthrough – Simplify Your Numbers

You use numbers every day when communicating with your team, with your customers and with your suppliers.

But are you ever frustrated by team members or co-workers who fail to understand the numbers, or who miss or ignore targets?

Have you ever considered that this ‘disinterest’ might not be about the actual numbers, but about the way in which you are communicating them?

Are your numbers crystal clear?

In this ‘Simplify Your Numbers’ edition of Business Breakthrough you will learn, in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea:

• how to avoid the ‘curse of knowledge’ when it comes to communicating your numbers to your team and customers
• why translating complex numbers into simple numbers will tip the balance in your favour when it comes to buy-in, decision-making and action
• how to use a measuring stick or scale to make your numbers relevant to your target audience

Click here to discover the importance of clarity, emotion, impact and connection when it comes to communicating the numbers that matter in your business.

We hope you enjoy this Business Breakthrough report. Feel free to pass on this edition and its supporting tools to your colleagues or contacts. And if you’d like printed copies just give us a call on phone number 01752 752210.

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