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Better Business Focus: Expert Inspiration for a Better Business.

Better Business Focus is the essential key for business owners and managers. It achieves that by focusing on the way in which successful businesses compete and manage their organisations.  It focuses on how people are recruited, coached and developed; on how marketing and selling is undertaken in professional markets as well as in markets with intense competition; on how technology and the Internet is reshaping the face of domestic and home business; and on how people are being equipped with new skills and techniques. In short, it offers expert inspiration for a better business.

October 2021
This Month’s articles include:

  • Soren Kaplan
    Innovation teams in a virtual world: Innovation is an art and science. Here’s how to help your team generate and prioritize the best ideas and opportunities in today’s virtual world.
  • Petra Smith
    20 ways social media can benefit your business: There is a good reason why so many businesses use social media to market themselves. Because it works. And it doesn’t require a huge amount of your budget, yet still has the ability to help to build your brand and find new business opportunities.
  • Tom Koulopoulos
    The single most important thing you can do to ensure your success: Of all the advice on starting and running a business, none is more important than this.
  • Serenity in Leadership
    D&I experts disclose best ways to create a work culture where it is safe to speak out: A safe to speak out work culture refers to having a protected psychological space for employees to voice about any workplace concerns, challenges or conflicts they may be facing at work, as well as actively encouraging them to offer opportunities for innovation. It is about giving employees a voice in a safe space that is heard and acted upon.
  • Paul Sloane
    Five reasons why you should think like a criminal: Have you seen the movie, The Day of the Jackal? In this 1973 film directed by Fred Zinnemann, Edward Fox plays a professional assassin, the “Jackal”, who is hired to assassinate French president Charles de Gaulle. It is a compelling thriller in which it is hard not to admire the cunning and guile of the ruthless killer. In the end, you feel disappointed that he did not succeed with his audacious plan.
  • Dr Lynda Shaw
    How to cope with a narcissist at work: Narcissism is a personality disorder characterised by exaggerated feelings of self-importance and it often masks low self-esteem. Narcissistic people have a deep need for attention and admiration and exhibit behaviour that is self-centred, egocentric and selfish and act in an entitled manner. It can be extremely difficult for others to cope with their sometimes toxic behaviour, can affect the wellbeing of those around them and can lead to troubled or even abusive relationships.
  • Adam Malofsky
    Passions, Career & Reality: Passions. They drive us. Great? Not so great? They say to do what you love and never work a day in your life. Ok. Sure. For most, it’s not practical but it is indeed practical for far more than most believe possible.
  • David Finkel
    How to take back control of your business (when it feels like it’s controlling you): It was one of those overcast nights where it seems like you are sitting in a cloud. I was alone, immersed in the hot tub on my patio. Soaking in the water, it occurred to me this was the first time I’d used the hot tub since I purchased the house almost a year prior. The house was carved into the hillside of San Diego and had stunning vistas overlooking Mexico to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. I was 28, still single and running a successful business coaching company. I was earning more money than I’d ever expected to earn. I should have felt happy as if I’d “made it.” But I didn’t.
  • Sunil Bali
    Why do we give a Friar Tuck ….. : How many people do you think will cry at your funeral?
  • Amy Vetter
    Client advisory services: People skills are not fluff: As technology continues to automate many tasks in the accounting profession, what will always differentiate us from technology, are our people skills and in particular the relationship we create with clients. This is especially true for Client Advisory Services.
  • Sue Barrett
    Staying in touch for all the right reasons: Prospecting is the function and ability to ignite opportunities with new and existing clients, new markets, within communities. Prospecting opens many doors if we are prepared to do it – consistently.
  • Bob Apollo
    Is it time to stop allowing the Covid excuse? One of the most illuminating elements of Objective Management Group’s sales evaluation methodology is the way in which it explores and exposes each salesperson’s motivations, mindset and self-limiting beliefs – their “Sales DNA”.
  • Thom Dennis
    Ageism in the workplace spikes due to Covid-19: As lockdown restrictions are now easing and many businesses may be choosing to ease back into office life, D&I experts are increasingly concerned about how age discrimination has been exacerbated due to the pandemic. Affecting both personal career trajectory and mobility, as well as stagnating the workplace, many fear that ageism is only set to get worse with more than one million people over the age of 50 still on furlough, which is due to end in late September.
  • Lolly Daskal
    Why being a self serving leader is so dangerous: Good leadership is focused on others, but self-serving leadership undermines that principle to focus on the ego and the symptoms can take hold and begin damaging your leadership before you’re even aware.
  • Benjamin Hardy
    The simple secret to being in a “FLOW” state… at all times: In positive psychology, a “flow state” is where you’re “in the zone,” fully absorbed in whatever activity you’re in. You lose track of time and you’re fully present.
  • Robert B. Tucker
    Putting leaders to the test: As a college student, I was a volunteer on Joe Biden’s initial race for U.S. Senate. I recalled him saying something like, “If I’m elected, come see me in Washington.” Twenty or so years later I did just that. I put Biden to the test.

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