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Better Business Focus is the essential key for business owners and managers. It achieves that by focusing on the way in which successful businesses compete and manage their organisations.  It focuses on how people are recruited, coached and developed; on how marketing and selling is undertaken in professional markets as well as in markets with intense competition; on how technology and the Internet is reshaping the face of domestic and home business; and on how people are being equipped with new skills and techniques. In short, it offers expert inspiration for a better business.

September 2019

This Month’s articles include:

Rob Garibay

9 reasons to know the worth of your business: Do you know what your business is worth?  If you are like most entrepreneurs, your business is your most valuable asset. You work hard to build an asset in the hope of selling it to live the life of your dreams- or to just retire. Do you know the worth of your most important and valuable asset?

Eve Ash

Stop ‘telling it like it is’: Five ways to establish real trust in business: A lot of people confuse trustworthy with authentic.  They appear to be the same qualities, in the sense that a trustworthy person tends not to put up a facade – what you see is definitely what you get.  Unfortunately, there’s any number of prominent public and company figures purporting to be the real deal – inflated like dirigibles, professing to “tell it like it is”.

Paul Sloane

The top seven impediments to Innovation: What is impeding innovation in your organisation today?

Lucy Seifert

5 ways to protect your “me time”: It’s easy to get swept along with the pressures and commitments of work, family… life.  Have you remembered to make time for yourself? Here’s how to turn things around and protect your “me time”…

Yoram Solomon

How lack of innovation leads to unemployment: Some believe that robots will take over all our jobs and therefore innovation (specifically in the area of robots) will cause unemployment. But in reality, it’s the other way around.

Mike Shipulski

To figure out what’s next, define the system as it is now: Every day starts and ends in the present. Sure, you can put yourself in the future and image what it could be or put yourself in the past and remember what was. But neither domain is actionable. You can’t change the past, nor can you control the future. The only thing that’s actionable is the present.

John Carter

Getting to the root cause of project headaches: For the sake of simplicity (and for most real situations) we will assume that this question is asked by a manager at a company that has been in business, understands the market, and this is a new product for this company.

Tom Koulopoulos

These 3 indicators may be projecting the next financial collapse: While there is no one magic indicator of the market’s future, these three may provide some of the best insights into the current and future state of the economy.

Drayton Bird

What some famous copywriters taught me: I’ve always liked this old New York joke.  A man asks a passer-by for directions. “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”  “Study,” comes the reply.

Janet Sernack

The interplay between innovation, creativity, and consciousness: Innovation consulting can be a lonely place for a woman to play, especially in a conventional, male-oriented, and competitive marketplace like Melbourne is today. Making networking a keyway of enhancing my intellectual, emotional and social capital, consciousness and creativity.

Jeff Rubingh

Becoming real innovators: Companies today are eagerly seeking the answer to one essential question. How do we innovate?

Jesse Nieminen

Why do so many innovation programs fail? Whenever we talk to executives and ask how their past innovation efforts have succeeded, we usually get quite a muted response.

Amy Morin

5 powerful exercises to increase your mental strength: Psychology often discusses mental health — but what’s not often discussed is a clear definition of mental strength. To me, mental strength means that you regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner, despite your circumstances. Developing mental strength is about finding the courage to live according to your values and being bold enough to create your own definition of success.

Amy Vetter

Can’t stay focused? These 4 tips show how technology can keep your mind on the job: Technology is thought to be the top workplace distraction–but if used correctly, it can also be the best way to keep you focused.

Andy Bounds

Why great communicating is like great parenting: Here’s something that’s never happened… Two parents watch their child take her first steps. But she falls. They shrug and say “Well, you’ll never be a walker.”

John Niland

Off the clock – making time for life: There is little doubt that we are working harder than any generation before us. Since the early 90’s, there has been a steady upward trend in people reporting not only that they have to work hard all of the time, but also at very high speed.

Ron Kaufman

In the world of big data, old school customer service never goes out of date: What does good customer service mean to you? Is it a restaurant owner who ushers you to your favourite table with a warm welcome? When a company accepts a return and gives you a full refund with no questions asked? Or when someone takes the time to say a genuine thank you?

Barry Urquhart

Remember: Stick to the knitting: The year 1981 seems so distant and passive. A lot has happened in 38 years – technology, innovation, creativity, the rapid evolution of the internet, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, iPhones, digital media and disruption.

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas

Transformational leadership for an agile and Innovative Corporate Strategy: Too many boards interpret building a resilient business as ensuring the survival of current activities rather than creating a more sustainable business model. They view certain technologies as disruptive of existing approaches rather than as enablers of new possibilities. They react rather than initiate and become victims rather than beneficiaries. They also lack a systems perspective and do not see the interconnectedness of events.

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