Better Business Focus – March 2020

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This Month’s articles include:

Tamara Ghandour
Five podcasts that will help you stay relevant, gain the advantage and win: In other words be more human in an age of technology take-over: I often get asked questions such as, “How do I add value now that this software can do part of my job?” or “is there a role for me now that Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world?”

Andy Bounds
The world’s best sales questions… Here’s something brilliant conversationalists do: Ask a great trigger question, to start the conversation. Ask great follow-up questions, to get to the value.

19 Alarming Cybercrime Statistics for 2019/20: The internet allows us to communicate with one another from across the globe, find the answer to pretty much any question in a matter of seconds, order food, get directions, send pictures, and so much more.

Mike Shipulski
People are always the hardest part: The toughest part of all things is the people part. Hold on to being right and all you’ll be is right. Transcend rightness and get ready for greatness.

Soren Kaplan
Amazon’s success boils down to six building blocks: Replicate Amazon’s secret formula for winning big in the digital age. Having run strategy and leadership development programs across the Fortune 1000 for over the past 25 years, I’ve seen lots of business models. As I highlighted in a prior article on The Future of Seamless Shopping, nothing currently parallels Amazon when it comes to innovation.

David Burkus
How to talk to yourself: There’s an old joke that you’re not crazy if you talk to yourself. You’re only crazy if you reply.

Tom Koulopoulos
One toxic personality every innovator and entrepreneur must avoid: You know you’re out to beat the odds but being reminded of it is the last thing you need.

Yoram Solomon
Fairness, trust, and innovation culture: In this article, I will address one of the foundational components of trust: fairness.

Grant Leboff
The power of communication: Can simple words make you feel sick? Grant explains that we taste words as well as food, and sometimes the latter is more powerful than the former.

Greg Satell
Even the most radical visions can succeed when built on shared values: With the political season heating up, an increasingly frequent topic of discussion is how radical candidates should be. Some say that the optimal strategy is to be mainstream and court the middle. Others argue that it is better to more extreme and rile up the passions of your most active supporters.
Braden Kelley
Is Germany the world’s most innovative country? The latest Bloomberg Innovation Index is out (2020 edition), and Germany has risen to first place, breaking South Korea’s six-year winning streak, while the U.S. fell one notch to No. 9.

Barry Urquhart
Good business is simple… but never easy: Lost opportunities. Too often, in-store and on-line, after all the hard work in attracting, qualifying and developing prospective transactions, sales are being lost.

Peter Economy
7 tips for making socializing much less painful for introverts who need to network: Feeling uncomfortable and awkward is a natural response when you’re not used to socializing. Just remember to be genuine and true to yourself.

Petra Smith
How to align your personal and business branding: Having a great personal presence online is just as important as having a high-quality brand for your business, and as you are a representative of your business, it’s important that the two are aligned. Just like in face to face communication, you can’t make people like you, however, you can present yourself at your best and let them decide if they want to get to know you better or work with you.

Debra Murphy
Google analytics bounce rate – What is it and how can you reduce it? Google Analytics collects a lot of data, which for most of us can be a bit overwhelming. We don’t have time to spend hours every day studying our website analytics and what the information means.

Drayton Bird
Does this cut much ice with you? Just got an email that tells me I can find out all about engaging and measuring influencers.

Michael Graber
Leveraging suppliers for innovation: One of the greatest thrills of a career is when you see a nice client thrive and prosper. Recently, I was flown to the West Coast with a client to co-present the findings of a few innovation projects. We had an esteemed audience SVPs of marketing, procurement, sales, and a few VPs, too.

Urko Wood
Why most Innovators are just flailing faster and what to do about it: Over 25 million copies of the late Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, have been sold. It remains a best-seller three decades after it was first published (1989). The second habit of highly effective people is to “begin with the end in mind.” That simple insight has probably done more to increase national productivity than many impressive technologies. I know it has helped me avoid wasting endless hours flailing around because I learned to clarify the end in mind – to define the objective or problem – before taking action to solve it.

Dr Lynda Shaw
When two people clash and it is so avoidable: Have you seen the birthday card with a couple of hard-of-hearing elderly people having a conversation?

Dimis Michaelides
How innovation impacts work: Technology as game-changer and life-changer: “The job your child will do doesn’t exist yet”, said the young principal from one of Singapore’s most prestigious private schools in a conference I attended ten years ago.

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