Better Business Focus – July 2020

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This Month’s articles include:


Pete Foley
Are we Innovating in the wrong places: Yesterday my electric toothbrush finally decided to die on me. It was a venerable fossil, at least by electric toothbrush standards.

Mike Shipulski
Only thing predictable about innovation is its unpredictability: Marketing in times of crisis can be a difficult thing for business owners. On the one hand, you have the urge to retreat and cut nonessential spending to protect your bottom line. But those cuts can end up hurting your business in the long run, which is why it’s crucial to learn how to mitigate your risks in the marketing pillar during times of uncertainty.

Debra Murphy
Website review checklist: Increase visibility & generate leads: If your website is not providing a quality user experience and attracting inbound leads, you should conduct a website audit to ensure it is performing as your best sales person. Your website needs to be an effective hub of all of your marketing efforts.

Justin Bariso
Amazon Has a Simple 5-Step Strategy That Just May Save Your Company: It seems that every business in America is asking themselves the same question right now: How can I survive in a post-Covid-19 world?

Michael Graber
Increased R&D doesn’t mean Innovation: A recent PwC study looked at a large rise in global R&D spending in 2018, more than a 17% gain over 2017. Many pundits shared the article as evidence of an innovation revolution despite the warnings in the article. Silly, huh?

Zoom Video Communications: The Covid-19 lockdown has turned us into a nation of Zoom addicts. Older people, families, children – everyone is at it. An Ofcom study has revealed that we’re becoming addicted to video-conferencing and are spending record amounts of time online.

Barry Urquhart
Out of sight, out of mind: Don’t forget. Others will. Businesses around the world, which are subject to government-enforced “lock-downs”, are fast approaching two significant milestones.

Marcel Schwantes
7 habits of the happiest people (that most of us rarely practice) According to research, these practices are good for your health and also good for business.

Geoffrey James
3 obsolete business strategies that the pandemic has revived: The coronavirus crisis revealed the fragility of conventional wisdom and will revive three long-discredited concepts.

Dr Lynda Shaw
Change is affecting our brain and mood: It may not feel like it but change is an opportunity.

Sunil Bali
Hell on wheels….. Having just turned seventeen, I asked my daughter why she was so confident that she will pass her driving test.

Benjamin Ball
Six steps to better video conferencing: According to a recent Polycom survey, 96% of business leaders believe video conferencing improves productivity. It’s also greener, healthier and a better use of 21time.

Tom Koulopoulos
5 ways to fall asleep, beat insomnia and boost creativity: In an always-on culture sleep has become a luxury. Yet, Alzheimer’s, shortened lifespan, and poor brain function have all be attributed to poor sleep habits. Here’s how you can change that.

Paul Sloane
What is the most important skill for a leader of innovation? Which of these do you think is the most important skill for a leader of innovation?

David Finkel
3 tips to running a successful business with a shelter-in-place order: The majority of us are under orders from the government to either “shelter-in-place” or “stay safe at home” and with that comes a new (and unique) set of challenges.

Dimis Michaelides
Parkinson’s Law and the Peter Principle: 10 people write 10 reports in 10 hours. If you hire 10 more people how many reports will all 20 people write in the same time? 20, right? Wrong! According to Parkinson’s Law it’s still 10.

Janet Sernack
Adapting, learning and growing through uncertainty: It’s almost five years since my husband, two dogs, and our pussycat relocated back to Melbourne, Australia, after spending six years living and working in the Middle East, where adapting to uncertainty was a way of life. Where we initially landed in a fog of disruptive change that settled into every fibre of our being. That was before we realized and accepted that adapting, learning, and growing through uncertainty could be full of possibilities for reskilling, reinventing in, and thriving in a world that would never be the same again.

Yoram Solomon
Great ideas are NOT accidental! In 2010, I had an idea for a new product for the company I worked for. I had put together a business plan and presented it to the company’s CEO. A week later I presented it to the board of directors. My presentation was very well received, and the directors described the product as very innovative and “life-altering” for the company.

Greg Satell
4 things leaders can learn about transformation from social and political movements: In 2004, I was managing a major news organization during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. One of the things I noticed was that thousands of people, who would normally be doing thousands of different things, would stop what they were doing and start doing the same things all at once, in nearly complete unison, with no clear authority guiding them.