Actions speak louder than words in building your credibility

It’s very easy to tell your customers or future customers how good your products and services are, we’ve all heard and seen the sales talk…

It’s faster, it’s stronger, it lasts longer..

We care more, we listen more, we work harder than the competition…

But to really believe any of this, your customers need more than words, they need actions.

“Talk is cheap, actions speak”

It’s because talk is cheap that your words won’t be believed.

As Tom Wanek said in his little-known, but highly-valuable book ‘Currencies That Buy Credibility’

“Trust is a language that does not rely on words”

Words just aren’t enough when it comes to gaining the trust of your customers. They need proof that your product or service will deliver what you are saying.

So, it pays to put your money where your mouth is and invest in Wanek’s suggested 6 sources of credibility.

Look at the way that Otis did this when he cut the rope to prove his elevator brake worked and the way that Davis did when he shot himself point blank to prove his Kevlar vest really did stop bullets…

They invested their time and money in their products, but then risked their reputations and safety to demonstrate that their talk was not cheap.

Their actions clearly demonstrated the credibility of their products and brought them unprecedented results and success.

Click here to learn what the 6 sources of credibility are, which of them worked for Otis and Davis and find out why they are so important to the success of your business…

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