Are you missing out on future business because your marketing lacks relevance…

SPAM: Irrelevant messages sent on the internet to many recipients.

We all get spam, emails that are irrelevant, potentially containing a virus and basically just a complete waste of time. Researchers have determined that over 25% of what lands in your inbox every week is SPAM.

So, as a business owner using email to market your products and services how to do you make your customers and future customers sit up and take notice…

How do you make your email stand out from all the other emails that person receives?

The answer is: relevant high value content…

Relevance is your marketing best friend.

When your email marketing is not relevant, it’s not good.

Relevance matters not only because it provides targeted high value content, but also because it builds trust in you (the sender). It makes the reader willing to read on.

If the reader (your potential customer) receives an email about a specific subject that interests them, or a specific subject they have an issue with – then you have their attention.

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